What is the effect ROPO? Can I fight it?

Internet has gone from being an occasional news media to the usual means of buying in some sectors, a clear example is the online purchase of airline tickets. But that’s true for all products and services? As the online world coexist with the offline shopping habits?

This interaction arises the call:

– EFFECT ROPO: It comes from the acronym ‘research online purchase offline”, i.e. there is a significant% seeking information on the network for its immediacy and its ability to gather opinions useful at first glance but the sale is then materialized in the offline channel.

What is the effect ROPO Can I fight itThe main reasons are:

– Distrust of an eCommerce

– Because there is contact staff. We may look online but you end up buying from a friend or relative the product in question.

– Because we cannot expect to have the product

– Because the offline channel has included additional services: assembling furniture….

To get an idea of the magnitude of the ROPO effect, in USA, a study was made ​​in general terms with thousands of surveys across all sectors and there was a 34% of offline consumers who had reported on the internet .

For those with an ecommerce, obviously this effect has a negative impact on your trading account has since invested resources (telephone counseling, clicks on Google …) for users who have not materialized for sale.

Here I leave some tips to try to fight it and come out stronger:

1- To encourage the online channel: the user has to receive an extra benefit if you hire online: Extra discount promotion with a gift…. We must try to convey that online shopping is your best choice.

2- Breaking the barrier of distrust: To do this we have several valid options:

– Incorporate some stamps online trust or quality of the sector. They are in the 1st scroll to mean that ecommerce is 1st level

– Make available various means of payment: Card payment, Paypal … Paypal option gives a lot of security to users and always have a positive effect.

– Tab to identify the company: People like who’s behind an online store if you need to claim something that has a physical location where support.

– Service customer care visible to boost the final part of the sale: via chat, telephone or social networks. There are many times when we only have a specific question in mind, if we do not have the answer when we can abandon the cart and can end in a physical store.

3- Guarantee expedited shipping: we must try to combat the little patience of consumers who are able to go to a store for wanting the products at the time. Expressed in the web a clear period and if possible make it short: 24-48H.

Although difficult, the more value we bring you the customer more options we will have to reward us with a vote of confidence and make the purchase.