There is no Luck, only Planning In Business

Planning In Business

Under the title “There is no luck, only in business planning” started this post.

Many people have the mindset that things go well because other people have better luck. In fact, the existence of luck or not, could be analyzed in other areas, such as the game of chance or love.

However, as it relates to business, has nothing to do luck, planning in business is the answer to get the desired success in the markets.

Planning In BusinessPlanning, better tool than luck:

As we started this post mentioning that many people attribute success to luck, is said to be in business well be they physical or be virtual, do not rely on luck, but proper planning of all aspects and areas where the heading or what we offer market develops.

To have good planning, or to make a planning, you need to thoroughly answer the following questions and in this way, you can correct your plan or make it from scratch.

1 – The first question is based on: What do you do? Many business people believe, the way it is, without asking before what they want to do with that business, product or service.

The answer is valid and depends on the use or aspirations that each person wants, they want to sell, they want position, we want to stand out among other things that have been considered.

2 – The second question is more about Where do you want to get there? Many of these questions are answered and people never ask the question if they do not have a very coherent or instant response.

With where you want to go, we refer to the goals, own goals of the company, these personal achievements or brand you want to achieve.

3 – The third question is even more important than others, it is resulting in what media you will use to achieve the previous two.

It seems simple, but neither is it is essential to know the tools you will use to achieve your goals, but is wasted time.

The experience, the best friend of the planning:

The planning business has a very important ally, and this is nothing more than experience. Either the success of things we undertake always depends on the experience, one’s own or that we learn from the example and teachings of others.

Among the tips of experience, we suggest that you consider the following:

– Analyze the competition very well, especially if they have been longer than your market, remember to learn from experience and to learn more competition.

– Become a subscriber of your newsletters, newsletters and others, with this you can identify flaws or features that you do not offer.

– Finally, buy their products, whatever they are both physical and virtual, with the product have the advantage of observing it or prove it.