How to Overcome Nerves When Public Speaking

Getting ready for a speech or presentation can be an important part of overcoming nerves. It can make a huge difference in your performance if you can learn how to avoid any embarrassing situations, which can make public speaking a daunting task. To prepare for public speaking, start preparing well in advance. Practice your speech by writing out the points and keeping them with you. Try not to read the entire speech out loud and instead use cue cards to help you with the flow of your words. For a range of Public Speaking Courses, visit a site like

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Another tip on how to overcome nerves when public speaking is to act confidently and naturally. If you are a nervous speaker, you should try to hide your nervousness. The audience will notice this and can pick up on your nervous energy, which won’t help you give a good presentation. Additionally, acting confidently will help you reduce your anxiety, which will help you deliver a clear and effective speech. Converting your nervous energy for the presentation will be helpful in boosting your confidence.

Types of Public Speaking?

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To help overcome nerves, try rehearsing your presentation. Practice walking around the room, pacing back and forth, and stepping away whenever you get annoyed. You can also practice grounding techniques by touching the podium. You can also make use of tools that will reduce the audience’s focus. For example, a typed copy of your speech is a useful backup strategy. Practicing public speaking will give you the confidence to go on stage.