Why the first few minutes are crucial and key during shopping online?

First impressions are very important, especially when it comes to internet. The times are shorter in the network and other media contacts are shorter and should be a little more intense. The moment that a brand can reach consumers is limited and the impact has to be therefore more concentrated, or at least faster.

This happens in the content of online media (hence the success of headlines that invite click) or online videos (who choose an attractive photo as frame cover for well make consumers are released to the viewing) but also, of course, it occurs in e-commerce. The window of attention of consumers is also limited and is little time with ecommerce brands to entice consumers.

Why the first few minutes are crucial and key during shopping onlineBuyers make purchase decisions very quickly and in the case of e -commerce determine whether they are interested or not do much case to a particular online store in record time, as just demonstrated a study. According to the Ecommerce Quarterly Report of Monetate, the first minute of the shopping experience is, in fact, crucial when capturing or losing the consumer in e-commerce.

The study suggests that if in the first minute of contact with the online store or shopping experience or inventory it does not meet the expectation of the consumer, 30% of visitors leave the online shop and visit not it becomes a process.

But fortunately for ecommerce sites in the first minute can not only bad things happen. Those first few seconds of visit may serve to capture the consumer and reduce the potential for loss. During that period, the buyer is attentive, trying to find out what you can offer online store (at least this happens with 77% of consumers) and thus customize from that moment the shopping experience helps reduce dropout rates.

The fact is even more interesting when compared with timestamps between the time of entry and the closing of a purchase. The number of users that directly close a purchase at that first moment of entry into the store is quite minimal. Only 0.01% of visitors purchase the first minute (ie, not only gets into the cart but also pays and acquired) although a 4% adds something to the shopping cart. Typically, the buying process takes a little longer and therefore able to capture consumer attention in the first minute and do not go is even more relevant.

Matter of time

Although the first minute is key to capture, the fact is that the purchasing process has a slightly longer duration. Consumers remain attentive to what online store offers for at least the first quarter of an hour. 65.5% still investigating what can be bought during that period.

That fragment of time is also crucial to establish whether buying or not buying. Most e – commerce purchases, according to the study of Monetate, actually performed during that time. 52% of purchases are closed in the first quarter of an hour, in general terms, and with a high concentrated number between 5 and 8 minutes if it goes to detail.

Once you pass the first quarter of an hour, and as much as consumers remain on the site, the chances of conversion are much lower. The number of visitors is decreasing (and if visitors are lost clearly lost sales) and sellers have to adjust their techniques to offer consumers something that makes them rush to purchase. The percentages also shopping up slowly as the fish, so to speak, and actually sold during the first 15 minutes now left the slackers.