Why should you have a schedule if you work in your own home?

Work from home

When someone starts a business or work as a freelance often he does from home. This has some advantages, such as reducing costs by not having to rent an office or office, but also some drawbacks, such as lack of separation between work and personal life. This can affect the hours we spent working and there are many reasons why you should have a schedule if you work in your own home.

This is not to establish a system of signing, nine to two and three to six, every day. Rather it is to limit the number of hours we spend working since little despises us lose concentration or do not have a well defined to work at home space is common to end up working many more hours of us would like.

Work from homeFlexitime, but limited to work

We can have a flexible schedule to try to take advantage improves hours which are more productive or use certain time to reconcile personal and family life properly stripes. Ideally work when no one interrupts us and bother us, as we would if we had an office outside of our home.

It is important that the working time is kept within reasonable limits. If we do not put time limits on how often tends to delay the completion of a task so that it fills the time available. If we can finish something in one hour, better not occupy us all afternoon.

This limitation often if we work with a tax schedule by the company is somewhat easier to accomplish, but if we are the ones responsible can be a hard slog discipline. With this gain in productivity, but also, we improve our quality of life. We have more free time to devote to other things than our work, to forget some labor issues and rest mentally, which then allows us to concentrate better when the time comes to work.

You know how much you earn each hour of work?

Times do not have to set a daily basis and fixed, as we discussed before, but sometimes have a routine if it helps us measure time and concentrate better. We know we have X hours to work in the morning, afternoon and X with the time we have to move forward particular job.

If we are not able to order our day to day and since we have access to our office in the next room, what will happen is that without realizing we spent all day working. If you add this to have a job on their own, where you think that more hours of labor, the more money it is certain that enters a dangerous spiral.

To do a simple exercise to count the hours you work a week, divide the money we bill to see if our time working out or not profitable. If the result is too low we have two choices, first raise the price we charge per hour or reduce the number of hours devoted to a task.

This exercise will also help us when hiring professional services that we may need, such as an advice that leads accounting, bills, taxes, etc. If it turns out your work time exceeds the cost per hour to hire an outside professional is less than that we could enter, it would be a good investment. You also have to assess how long we would devote to this task, because surely we will not do in the same time and with the same ease.

Ultimately it should not matter if we work at home as if we were to try to make our hours are as productive as possible. The downside is that you do not have a door to close and just, you know you can work from home where use weekends and rest periods to take forward work is easy, even if we finish entering a dangerous spiral. So self – discipline in times should be basic.