What is Google Slap? How not to fall into the trap?

I think that at this point no one argues that to thrive on the internet cannot live back to Google. Much of the advertising market is grouped in your browser and will continue to set trends for a long time.

Google is generated itself a huge amount of business, but is that all around you there are many professionals who live on the need for companies to optimize organic route (SEO) or pay their presence in their searches. Those who live around Google are:

– Professionals and consultants SEO: dedicated exclusively to organic positioning.

– Professionals and consultants SEM: the kings of PPC in Google.

– Professionals and consultants Web Analytics: focusing on Google Analytics reports.

What is Google Slap How not to fall into the trapWhat is google slap? How not fall into the trap?

To give the Google Slap or “slap” of Google you have to give the following sequence:

  • A company with no experience in google carried out its first campaign.
  • The campaign is a low budget and without any strategy.
  • Ads not being relevant occupy the lowest positions within the search engine.
  • Google itself calls for more CPC (cost per click) to occupy positions memories.
  • As the relevance of the ad remains low, positions do not improve.
  • Clicks and improve either same operation is repeated twice more.
  • Until one day comes when the CPC are made impossible and the company has to abandon the search. That’s the Google slap.

Realizing this is when some companies discussed how this type of advertising in Google “no good.”The truth of all this is that Google wants useful and relevant ads from the beginning. Otherwise, the expelled with far outweigh the costs of the relevant market.

How to avoid the google slap?

In these cases, the best solution is to prevent as follows:

  1. Define a clear budget and not too low.
  2. While segmenting ads to find good matches keywords.
  3. Optimize quickly to remove keywords that do not bring traffic.
  4. At first, ignoring the recommendations of CPC on Google.
  5. Look landing pages that are as relevant as possible.

The biggest conclusion we can draw from this is that companies should seek expert advice before undertaking an advertising campaign in Google (SEM).

Do you know any other tips to avoid google slap?