The most common mistakes in copywriting for web

Over recent years I have seen many processes creating web pages, how customers think and reasoning before carrying out something as important as building your identity on the Internet. Unless you are stuck in the field there are two errors that are very typical:

– Assume that the designer or developer of a web page is SEO expert. Sometimes do know of course, but you have to ask to see if they will do themselves, do not take it for granted

– The web texts are just writing without any prior advice. This is because the designer tells the customer: “Pass the word” and so get the biggest mistakes in this direction.

The most common mistakes in copywriting for webWeb writing texts is very important, hence the birth of the Copywritting, the art of making simple texts, easily understood by the reader, persuasive and focused on the goals of the website.

The most common mistakes in drafting texts for web

And finally, when the same client passes the texts designer for your website usually pass these things:

1- Texts too technical: If the person who writes is very familiar with the industry takes this risk. For himself but the texts make sense for your client can pass that does not quite understand what you are selling. If there is no budget for a copywritter at least teach these texts to a few people outside of that activity to see what the first results.

2- Texts anything optimized for SEO: how much the web architecture is well done, if the texts are not optimized for SEO will be a big blunder? Before you begin writing must be clear what the most important keywords for your business are and with whom you want to bid strong search engine.

3- Very neutral language: a good copywritter is measured more by the ability he has in the development of “selling texts”. Texts that is persuasive to push the user to purchase. Neutral language does not help, go to seek ways and words more positive at all costs to avoid ambiguity.

4- Colors, fonts and images: everything that surrounds the text is important:

– Colors: must know how to use them to increase sales.

– Fonts: there are many options that eventually your website not look like a sheet of “word”.

– Images: the combination between image and text must help not see paragraphs too long.

5- Do not use CTA’s: I mentioned before that the texts are consistent with the objectives of the website. To help users make these transactions, the “calls to action” are very important. You can do tests with the tool Da Factory button.

6- Do not say what you really sell: this seems very obvious but it happens. There are companies that focus both differentiation factors that user finally does not know what the product or service to hire. This happens a lot with software services, CRM…

Most of these errors have one thing in common: no focus on the customer. Whenever you go to “pass the word to the designer” do an exercise in empathy and think about the user that will visit your website.

Are you for your this series of common errors?