The keys to prescribers faithful readers and your online content

Many of us at the beginning have fallen into the mistake of thinking. “If you published good content will have a regular audience,” It is true that posting good content regularly have an important part assumed but do not forget that the other side have to 2.0 a community and potential waiting to receive from you more than good articles. One must know how to connect, interact and keep “close” to your audience. So it will be as you can get ambassadors to share, recommend and be your amplifier to reach new readers.

The keys to prescribers faithful readers and your online contentThe main question for this issue is:

Public content or you manage a community of readers? All you can do to know your readers and satisfy?


To be able to have an active community, read, share and prescribes your content you can follow these tips:

1- Make your readers feel they can influence your content:

  • Access to any request to treat a particular topic
  • Complete an article when a reader makes an interesting contribution

2- “Leave the door open to display your true personality”: Use the “storytelling” for yourself. People liked the stories and when you get to link your words with a personality and style, your chances of connecting with the audience are amplified.

3- Thank and comment on all the good deeds to your blog: Re-tweets, “likes”, comments, suggestions, constructive criticism….. All that is positive action should be grateful and commented. You make the reader feel important and you will award more interactions.

4- Knowing how to manage “the black arts”: In your way you’ll meet a lot of people it seems that their only mission is to destroy everything you do or just trying to get notoriety stepping on your contributions. We know that these people do nothing but if you have the grace not to get into that whole game win with the rest of audience.

5- Increase your “Karma online” and do everything you want for yourself: Re-tweet reader comments, visit and comment on their blogs, make friendly mention … .hacienda this in general terms will be returned with more warmth for those internet users who do value your work.

6- Organize an act “offline” with your readers: “Devitalize” people you read and backwards is very healthy close even closer ties with people. By proximity only you can do with some stories but worth doing.

7- Make the reader feel really important: As this concept is very general will put a fantastic example of what I mean exactly. It is a good exercise to give value to the loyalists of important bloggers.

8- Have your followers to enhance your site / blog: If you throw a survey from time to time to ask what improvements will be run properly involving your audience.

9- Premier somehow subscribers: One free course, exclusive content … you notice that you care about the people you are faithful. Most people will appreciate.

How do you think you can build a strong and lasting community in time?