The bet by advertising companies will leave the SEO search engine in the background

It is about a new year, a new period invites to take stock of the 2013 closing, in order to propose new goals and strategies to face a fresh start.

On the one hand, the rules of the game have changed internet. Google has imposed new restrictions that force us to walk blindly and look for alternative methods to guide us. One is its advertising platform, who generously does show us those organic search data hidden behind a “not provided”. So, invest in SEM was established as imperative to know the evolution of our SEO strategy Is it ironic, right?

A Google at least it seems most reasonable, and already rubbed his hands before income this activity with much profit impact will in 2014. To get in position, the Mountain settle expect 2013 revenue worth 60 billion, proceeding much of this advertising.

The bet by advertising companies will leave the SEO search engine in the backgroundThe commitment SEM and pay per click search engine in 2014 will be very strong. According to the State of Paid Research, 72% of companies plan to increase their budget in this area. An activity that, on the other hand, is profitable for for brands. In September, MarketLive studies and showed that the benefit obtained by the PPC strategy of companies was 44%, while the SEO failed to exceed 30%.

Another advantage of the SEM versus SEO is that the results of a payment strategy are immediate, while SEO strategy be planned over the medium to long term. A fact that really goes against the very nature of the Internet, based on the immediacy and real time.

An effectiveness that is especially necessary to adapt to the new habits of behavior and conduct of the users, who, armed with their mobile devices, demand updated and tailored to your interests right at the time when they need information, and depending of where they are located. Some requirements to which Google has already adjusted, allowing advertisers to include in their ads the click to call, or customize considering the geographical orientation.

Are we then witnessing the end of SEO?

Not anticipate events. It is true that the SEO techniques that once worked, now even penalized; but one thing is certain, is that users continue to demand quality content, and for that Google needs to offer relevant results.Hence its open and constant fight against spam, and strong defense by the continuous supply of fresh and relevant content.

Therefore, although the linkbuilding as we have seen so far is not at all advisable, Google does take into account the recommendations and references from other pages. An activity that has led to the development the guest blogging, where brands strive to exchange items, in order to create links that relate and give mutual quality samples and know-how.

Social networks also have a key role in 2014. Google believes it has much to contribute to it. The latest study published in September Search Metrics positioned on the platform of the house, Google, as the most influential factor for SEO positioning. Since then we have witnessed several initiatives to promote their integration; as shown we have the famous author of Google as well as the fact that recently began to include social results in the search, along with organic.

Both SEO and SEM remain crucial in online marketing strategies today. the focus though and probably next year 2014, leaving the SEO move into the background in favor of SEM and search engine advertising is where companies begin to devote more of their prespuestos.