The 7 major trends that will shape the 2016 Marketing online

Considering that the digital world is going really fast, before putting your foot in 2016 comes very well anticipate and know what will mark the year in terms of online marketing is concerned.

The 7 major trends in marketing mark the 2016 online

Seeing as 2015 has been developed for this 2016 we can expect the following:

1- Developments in the social media world: there are some specific points to note:

  • Investment in social media will no longer be a luxuryto become a necessity
  • Exponential growth of Google +, Google will cast the rest to be consolidated within the social media world
  • There aretwo large pairs still sound much more for this coming year: one is SEO-Google +(and no one denies that activity in Google + influences the SEO of a website) and the other is TV-Twitter (yet come more studies to show that the movement on twitter you can measure TV audiences).
  • The explosion of Linkedin for B2B strategies. Companies increase their budgets in this social network to interact with other companies with theintention of buying their products or services.

The 7 major trends that will shape the 2016 Marketing online2- The consolidation of Inbound Marketing: Content marketing + SEO + Social media in the same strategy for this 2016 will be a winning combination. The few inbound marketing agencies increase their portfolio of clients and companies that sell software specifically for these techniques (HubSpot, Marketo …) will gain visibility to be known more.

3- Total mobile domain in email marketing strategies: Now we have reached ratios higher than opening mobile computer in many campaigns and 40% of total openings are made ​​in mobile and tablets. Therefore, we are not for the mobile design is a mere adaptation but will deserve its own design or co-designed with creative computer.

4- R & D to measure the ROI (return) on content marketing: View the latest variation Google algorithm (Hummingbird) all marketers are with his eye on the content. The important question is no longer one but now lack to measure more effectively the real return of these strategies. Yes there are indicators such as social media interactions, decreased% rebound or increase the quality of records on the web but in 2016 appear analytics that integrate these metrics on the same criteria.

5- Growth in big data requirements: It is true that some experts have long pointed that the management and strategic decisions following data management represent competitive advantages in the future but simply saying it is time to go noticing, and not only in large corporations.

6- Marketing real time: 2016 will live an interesting conflict between planning any marketing strategy or leave something to the “improvisation”. These improvisations it somehow can be covered with some actions of “live marketing” how are you: (among others)

  • Geographic location advertising messages via free wireless public networks
  • “Real biding time”: real-time hiring of advertising space

7- The images in the center of marketing plans: Marketers have always had in mind images to design themes but less in attracting and positioning. This year will see:

  • More important in strategies to Pinterest and Instagram.
  • SEO for images on corporate blogs