Social Shopping: The future of online shopping and social networks

Entrepreneurs are exploring a new frontier in social media commerce, which goes beyond the offers on Facebook pages or the twitter profiles that their clients follow.

Reviving this trend are merchants who quickly adopt social records in their businesses, allowing consumers to register on their Facebook account instead of registering on a company site. This type of registers allows entrepreneurs to obtain a much wider information of their consumers and thus reach their target audience in a more effective way.

In fact, the survey carried out by Gigya, a provider of social media record applications, half of online entrepreneurs have implemented this measure or plan to do so in the near future.

The aforementioned study collects the benefits that digital merchants and publishers of entertainment media obtain from the offer of registration in social networks. At the beginning of the list are the increased commitment to the brand (84%), much more complete profile information for the segmentation and delivery of product recommendations, emails, promotions and coupons (80%).

Social networks like Facebook offer a lot of information about the tastes and interests of people and when consumers obtain permission to access personal data on Facebook, merchants not only see who writes on their wall but what content they like. .

Another study emphasizes that only the data available on several sites, do not count other information, such as products, news and content on third-party sites, they link it to their status updates.

Employers must also be careful when making personalized recommendations and segmenting advertisements. This can make consumers feel that their online privacy is being violated and generates a negative reaction, which is a problem inherent in social networks.