Reasons why consumers make more and more purchases online

Consumers, now more than ever, are clear that the internet is an important channel when it comes to making or finding out about their purchases.

According to data from a recent report developed by Invesp, 73% of consumers prefer to make purchases online mainly because it means a significant time savings, and 55% also says that through online purchases can access to exclusive offers and promotions where prices tend to be cheaper.  

Other reasons why consumers prefer online shopping is the possibility of accessing or having a greater variety of products, which allows price comparison.

But undoubtedly, there are aspects outside the offers and promotions that consumers value positively. And is that buying online not only allows you to buy products at a good price but also avoids going to places with crowds of people and long lines or waiting, as well as suppose a savings in terms of transport or lower rates of taxes applied to products acquired in many cases.

Invesp’s report also predicts that sales through e-commerce worldwide will rise above 608.6 billion dollars this year, and increase until 2015, when online purchases will reach 1.4 billion dollars.

Previously, Forrester Research also showed this global growth of Internet sales, evidently because current buyers and consumers simply decide now more than ever to buy more products through the network.

In this sense, the Invesp report indicates that more than 80% of online users have used the Internet to perform some type of product purchase or contracting.

Among the products most in demand, consumers say that books or clothing are the items that will buy most during the next six months. In the shorter term, airline tickets, electronic equipment or tourist packages are the most demanded products among consumers.