Passion and Professional means Community Manager

It is said of passion that it is an emotion defined as a very strong feeling towards a person, subject, idea or object.

It is that feeling that we all carry within and that drives us towards that in which we believe. That passion makes us walk opening paths that from a distance seemed hostile or unattainable.

Make, summarizing, your work day something innovative, dynamic, fun and why not even say vertigo, without dying in the attempt, born of that thrust of passion that leads us to end the days with a wink of optimism.

Although sometimes there are fires, we know that in all forests there are, we have to arm ourselves with our fireproof material of empathy and control with the best common sense the situation, putting passion in words, in deeds and acts, to safeguard from those flames, everything we believe in.

Cupids of a modern world where we can and must do magic. Creating, innovating so that those two shores get to attract each other, and thereby achieve fidelity between brand and client.

Without forgetting the great tower of Babel in which we have to defend ourselves, with that language that for any mortal alien to this environment, could sound to sarcasm; A-List Blogger, Soial-Media, Facebook, retweet, hashtag, Twitter, LinkedIn,

At this point I know that you all know who I’m talking about, about that image, about those professionals: the @Community Manager of those who talk so much, write and express themselves.

Professionals with a great deal of passion, to make easy things in times of crisis, getting the best results, with capabilities to unfold and change the brand it represents, in this changing world in which it moves. The @Community Manager, are usually like mothers who never stop being one. Always alert, attentive to any change that this society in movement offers them. They cultivate their passion without losing the practical sense of what they have in hand, getting the balance of a good job. And as all this could not be accommodated in 140 characters from here I leave my #FF.

Just a brushstroke of the great palette of factors of an @Community Manager. Creative creatures, with values, patients, active and passionate. Ethical in their movements, an indispensable stanchion in this crazy world in which we all look for our space.

“Passions are like the winds, which are necessary to give movement to everything, although they are often the cause of hurricanes.” Bernard Le Bouvier de Fontenelle

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