In Social Media there are no miracles, only effort, work and dedication

Small and medium companies are not going through their best moments, they have serious difficulties, often impossible to obtain financing and if this were not enough, with the current economic situation, selling is becoming a more complicated challenge every day.

This is causing many companies to enter fully into Social Media and Social Networks, often very badly advised, with the false idea of ​​selling through them.

These bad advice, come from the same people and organizations that only promise to get you fans and more fans in a very short period of time, all without an analysis of the organization, without identifying those channels that fit better with the company and without a previous plan .

Being in social networks is not having an open profile to use it bombing with Spam, being in social networks is much more, implies a new concept of business, creating community, socializing, being transparent, listening, etc., obtaining a very important feedback for our organization.

Therefore we must beware of those who sell social media and social networks as a sales channel by themselves making the SME become obsessed by the number of followers disappointed over time because their results are not as expected.

If something has to obsess the company is to serve your community, create conversation, share content of interest and so little by little it will become a brand more beloved by its many or few followers.

For this, it will be necessary to have an internal professional with communication skills that can energize these channels, create conversation, transmit a faithful image of the organization as well as its values ​​and know how to listen and transmit internally what happens on social networks.

Before launching your brand to social networks get advice from good professionals, get ready, make a plan for your presence in these channels with coherent and sensible objectives and of course distrust of the “miracles” that try to sell you, since you will only reach your goals based on effort, work and dedication.