How to turn fans into unconditional customers through the media and social networks

Social networks are a terrain where it seems that brands have not yet found their place. They decided to develop their online presence driven by a goal: to be there where their customers were. Instead, their attitude is not what is expected of this medium, they are not able to understand that the online medium is a place for conversation, not more advertising support.

How to turn fans into unconditional customers through the media and social networksSocial networks give customers the power to make themselves heard, a reality before which brands have to be prepared and know how to manage. Nielsen indicates that a third of users prefer to contact brands through social channels; Instead, more than half of their tweets are simply ignored. Why does this happen? Why do brands miss the opportunity to get closer to their customers when they need it the most? Do you pretend that your followers are still on your side, despite not receiving the treatment deserved?

Generates conversation and interacts with your audience, it is basic to get a solid community. The first step to get customers and get loyal in the Social Media is to give way to an approach, to show your more human side and to come to empathize with them. From here, it will be easier to create a climate of trust and strengthen the relationship.

Always keep this maxim in mind: a complaint is an opportunity for improvement. When the client takes the trouble to address you and convey your discomfort, it is not all lost; You need to listen to him and prove that he can count on you and you will not let him down. It is a golden opportunity to interact directly with the customer and gain their trust.

The worst thing that can happen to a brand is that an unsatisfied customer does not let them know directly. In this case, the chances are that you end up commenting on your environment, and even, in the worst case, you may openly publish it on other channels, so it is worse when managing such negative interactions. If you are able to show closeness and facilitate the ways for your clients to approach you in case of need, you can play at home and control the situation better.

Respond, always. You are in a two-way communication medium, so you have to act accordingly. It monitors the conversation and is always alert. This way you can know first hand the problem and act in time and form.

Never delete negative comments. Obviously, nobody likes to be criticized, but we all make mistakes, and it is best to assume them as such and take the consequences. Censorship is not well seen in Social Media, it can only have negative consequences, aggravating the problem and motivating the client to address their complaints to other media, this time with redoubled energy.

Social networks can become a powerful tool for customer service, it is up to you to take advantage of it to your advantage and turn unsatisfied customers into brand evangelizes. It’s up to you to show a sincere concern for the customer and to get involved in solving your problem, thereby protecting your company’s reputation.