How to motivate people in social networks

Before commenting on the motivation of the members of communities that form social networks, it is necessary to review the concept of community. I know that many people think that people meet in communities because they share common interests, but this is not entirely true. People are grouped because we have basic human needs for belonging and to feel valued or respected. On the other hand, the common interests would be the engine by which interaction between the members of the community will be generated.

Well, the motivating engine of each member of the community, is none other than the desire to experience personal emotions, although for this we need the help of the other members of the community. therefore, if we want to motivate people in the community to participate, we should only help them achieve their personal desires.

In a community, it is necessary to identify the personal desires of the members, group them and help them experience the emotions that move them. In each community we can find different profiles, for example, those who want to stand out and be respected by others, with these it is enough to insinuate that we want them to collaborate and they will even give ideas. On the other hand, there is the profile of those who only need to be considered and valued in their opinions. To these it is necessary to tell them clearly that we expect them and how they could participate.

We could find many different profiles within the communities, the important thing is to detect them, if we want to keep them motivated. We must understand that there are different types of communities, but that it is not possible for us to create a community out of nothing, communities already exist and all they need is for them to be helped to improve the way they experience the emotions they want to feel.

People interested in experiencing emotions about cars, motorcycles, fashion, technology, gastronomy, etc. they form communities that already exist, and many are already grouped. If we are interested in having them around our brand or company to recommend us indirectly in their circles of friends, it is necessary that we help them improve the way they experience situations in which they are interested. And the way to keep them motivated is to identify their personal desires and group them in community profiles.