How can you measure online reputation of a brand?

If you studied some social media at some point, the issue of online brand reputation we’ve touched sure. The ORM (“online reputation management”) is one of the critical tasks of a community management. Managing the reputation of a company or brand is delicate, requires skills 2.0, metrics to help know if you are going in the right direction and specialized knowledge of the subject.

The first step in all this management is to assess the reputation in the starting point.

How can you measure online reputation of a brandTwo stages to measure reputation of a brand on internet

If we determine the “state” of a mark on the network, these are the 2 phases you should consider:

  • Monitoring of all terms referring to the mark: When I say “all” if the volume is too high, you can take as a reference the last year. It is best to not rely on specialized tools.
  • Semantic analysis: Once all the information is collected should be used to rule out semantic errors like ironical comments … This is important to locate the negative comments for possible solutions.

With these two tasks already done, you can determine the “sentiment”: the degree of digital reputation that a company or brand from positive, negative and neutral mentions that are published on the network, analyzed from a semantic point of view.

Tasks of a community manager in the management of a brand online reputation

In this difficult mission, professional 2.0 must confront the following:

  1. Permanently Listen: Monitoring should be consistent, otherwise, the community manager may be late “to the site of the battle”
  2. Intervene consensus with the company on negative comments: This is the best way to “tackle” possible conflicts that may reach vitalize and generate a bigger problem.
  3. Consistent dissemination of the terms and positive news for brand: consistently I say not to tire users or channels that do not touch.
  4. Resolution of major conflicts: When not reached the best time is to have a protocol in advance for such situations.
  5. Interact with “influencers” is a good way to raise the reputation of the brand in the network.
  6. Enhance the values of the brand: Any brand that boasts has some sort of “Decalogue” with the 10 values that you want to identify. The community manager should contemplate in their planning content.

The best strategy for managing brand reputation online is humanizing everything: intervene wisely, listen a lot and be polite at all times.

For you, how you have to manage the online reputation of a brand?