Great challenges for companies: Knowing the customer, the great challenge

Knowing the customer has been consolidated as the great “challenge” for brands in this 2011 that culminates and emerges in the same way in the year that begins. Those who know the client better will know how to give them what they need; personally and directly.

The widespread adoption of social media, has drastically changed the way we communicate, we establish our links, professional, personal and also, business.

The productive market today establishes a new paradigm; The company is focused on the customer.

The figure of the prosumer emerges and, all clients – all producers, we are more trained, which changes the way in which we relate to our companies, our products, our services in our networks.

New customers, increasingly efficient, always flying the flag of “do good things” establish the essential premise of “social influence”

There is talk of perseverance, interaction, dialogue and innovation, we talk about the internal customer and the metrics beyond the product. Undoubtedly today, as never before, we realize that success is firmly linked to the maintenance of commitments, and this is so because it implies, perseverance, work and effort.

Today customers are hyper connected , tablets and smart phones have changed our need to be online, recognize that the Internet is increasingly attractive, with higher quality and more demanding. The social client is hyper connected and sets trends through their interaction, of all kinds and in movement.

Influencing , the dynamism of the hyper connection results in an overexposure that, focused on “doing things right”, becomes an influence. Social media offers wide dissemination and interaction, has returned us to our origins of social animals. Is efficient; Online influence works and, that is important given the times.

They are (we are) undoubtedly, much more trained , open, honest and committed, always researching, reading, informing us … finally educating us, which allows us to evaluate, recommend, decide.

The current client has 100% assimilated the social context with the traditional customer service. Relationships are constructed socially and horizontally. Clients today, they tell you what they think .

They look for (seek) the novelty , the tendency, the quality, that is why the brands that are not very innovative and committed to interaction end up abandoning the conquest of the virtual universe.

And if this were not enough, they are the ones who decide on the purchase cycle . The brand, neither advertising, nor marketing, tells the customer when to buy.

The union of online customers is crucial for the influence and this, can not be negative, mismanagement of the crisis we know that can mark the end.

To know our customers in an increasingly personal way, which allows us to interact with them horizontally and know that there is an ally in them, it is necessary to segment our objectives in relation to their market or industry.

These are only the general characteristics of the “social client” that we built in 2011, a client that decides on the way in which the new production model is consolidated.

We are going to 2012 where, the mobile Web and its trends as well as the evolution of the social Web, brings us closer and closer to production as a synonym of efficiency. But also, where the customer emerges as the “big goal” of the new Internet, doing things well and getting to know the customer, it remains a great challenge.