Customer Reviews: 5 reasons why they are essential for sellers and online shops

Having positive feedback from users who have bought in the store may be the best way to increase sales. Negative comments help detect possible incidents in the online store and can solve them quickly and effectively

It is no secret that to succeed in e-commerce is necessary to have a good reputation. New technologies allow online stores to collect many opinions of customers in a very visual way. According to a report by Trusted Shops specializing in certification of online shops in company about customer reviews, punctuate online shops with a rating of 4.53 out of 5 stars possible. The data place in sixth place in terms of countries with the most positive reviews of electronic commerce, behind countries like Germany, Poland and Italy.Customer Reviews 5 reasons why they are essential for sellers and online shops

  1. The comments demonstrate the authenticity Store

Incorporate a section where buyers can see customer ratings online store, it is a way to attract new customers. Both positive and negative comments display, we must not forget that if a consumer enters a store and found only positive comments, might distrust the website.

  1. Trust works when selling

Factors such as security and trust are essential to encourage consumers to purchase online. For this reason, the fact that a store count with views of buyers who have already tried their services before, can be a very effective tool. Thus confidence in potential customers is generated and therefore they can increase sales.

  1. The comments offer a fantastic boost SEO

The user ratings are also very important when positioning in Google. Therefore, the natural generation of views of an e-commerce can significantly improve its positioning on the web and as a result, search results. Thus, the buyer to track online knows that it is safe to buy in the store in question without even having entered it.

  1. The negative feedback helps optimize store

Keep in mind that what may seem at first a negative comment can become a constructive criticism. An assessment of a client can become the best tool to detect faults in the services being offered. For example, if a user comments on a service very slow or unreliable delivery, may be the indicator to change providers or give special emphasis to solve any problem or incident that arises. Such criticism should be answered even more agility than positive ones. In this way, the customer shows interest in your case to resolve the incident while the accuracy and transparency of the system of opinions.

  1. Customer loyalty

The rating system is a must for loyalty and recover dissatisfied customers tool. Compensating an incident with a good personal interaction or detail can make that buyer to become one of its most loyal customers.

“Systems customer reviews propitiate a quick and reliable feedback on the online store in question and can become the best ally of an e-Commerce” says Jordi Vives. “It is a fact that online shoppers seeking comments from other users before making a purchase, so implement such systems on websites is essential to build confidence and increase sales.”