Create a reputation in social networks, how?

Some research ensures that people begin to get bored of social networks, and for this reason it is essential that brands are effective in attracting followers. The right time and place are essential when it comes to getting clients.

The question mark is how to integrate social networks into their marketing strategies and maintain their reputation while increasing their relationships with their users?

Ten very useful tips

Have a clear strategy in social networks: Nigel Ferrier, CEO of FPCG, says that the key is the strategy, think carefully about the resources that the company has and how to take advantage of them. Anyone can open an account on Twitter or LinkedIn, it is the strategy that makes the difference.

2. Take into account SEO techniques: a benefit that could be more exploited by companies are positively SEO or positioning techniques. Andy Heaps, director of research at Epiphany, says that companies should take advantage of the possibilities offered by social networks when it comes to sharing and viralizing campaigns.

3. Identify your audience and choose your platforms depending on which one: Jon Priestley, Umpf account manager, clarifies this point. He understands that each social network has a personalized audience and according to our needs we should choose one or the other, it is not necessary to be in all of them. For example, the global Facebook platform reaches hundreds of millions of people in the world interested in the latest trends, YouTube is used to make product demonstrations, tutorials and guides while Twitter can give you an immediate response to problems or provide suggestions.

4. Have a strategy Timeline: Robin Grant, director of We are social, believes that the Timeline launched by Facebook a few months ago is a new and more focused strategy for brands to have more opportunities with their followers. At the same time, it pressures companies to adapt more quickly to this new business model.

5. Consider more social networks and not just the two largest ones: Dylan Fuller, co-founder of Local Social Summit, believes that if it’s a fashion or travel company, it should be present on Pinterest, whether it’s a restaurant, a hotel or An event is in FourSquare where you must be present. Tumblr is from the point of view of Fuller the place for the most local and small companies.

6. Social networks need continuity: integration in social networks is a two-way exercise where it is necessary to be present in a constant way. As a channel, it works best when the company is fully integrated into the social network, with a consistent message and a clear strategy.

7. Establish what will be offered to consumers: Tom Malcolm, of Diffusion, believes that brands need to know if their audience uses social networks and also understand the content that interests them and that the company can offer them. Brands must first offer what they have to be able to establish themselves on social networks.

8. The role of television: it is inevitable that the media influence each other and television is one of the most important means. This has only just begun since there is not much time left for television to allow Internet connection from them. Because of this, companies more than ever must join forces and also use television, reaching users through more social channels.

9. Do not use social networks just for sale: social networks talk about interaction with users, not just to achieve sales or increase buyers. Quality content is more important than simply promoting products and expecting results since long-term results in that case do not exist.

10. A negative criticism is not the end of the world: Nigel Ferrier says that many companies can do what happened to Domino’s Pizza with its employees showing on YouTube the things they did to the pizzas, but that’s not true It is as terrible as it seems at first. Those responsible for Domino’s knew how to take advantage of the problem by getting more involved in social networks and offering some offers that even improved sales.