Content is not only essential for companies, users consider that it brings value to the internet

On many occasions we hear about the value of content marketing as an indispensable pillar within any online communication strategy. In case there is any shadow of doubt about the opinion of users and audiences, the content is not only conceived as a resource for the companies themselves, but also becomes indispensable and adds value to the internet medium itself.

Content is not only essential for companies, users consider that it brings value to the internetThis is reflected in the results of a recent survey carried out by the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), which shows that users willingly accept personalized content, tailored to their interests, even if it is Contents with a promotional or advertising character, as long as its context is relevant, of quality and is detached from the most traditional commercial communication.

The study, conducted in the United States on a sample of 1,000 individuals, shows that 92% of users consider brand content, which is collected in blogs, articles or videos, to be “important” or even “very important”. Enrich the online medium.

If the content really brings value or satisfies a need, it does not bother, even if it is advertising. 

Less than 10% of respondents indicated that they would prefer the internet to reduce the volume of promotional content and ads in search results. An example of this is the success of Google Adwords, which shows your ads just when people need it, specifically on the topic they are looking for. This same practice is what would like the Internet users to apply to the entire network. Seventy percent of respondents prefer brands to personalize the advertising they show, appropriate to their interests.

Online advertising also serves an informative function for users

Half of the respondents say the ads have helped them save money on their purchases, and 58% admit that they have been useful when it comes to discovering new offers. Another 42% acknowledge that they have made some purchase from an online advertisement.

In addition, if the existence or not of advertising conditions free access to information, 75% indicate that it is willing to accept advertising. The DAA survey indicates that users demand online content, in all its variants, therefore, brand content, in the form of text or image may be a different way to promote the company. As in everything else, the more interesting, attractive and careful it is, the better reception can have on the part of the audience.