9 “gaffes” that consumers make when buying online

Current market, has presented a list of the most common mistakes of e -commerce users, especially novices.

According to Rafael Torres, Director General of Current Market, “Although buying online every day is easier and safer, even the most experienced in e-commerce can make mistakes that they later regret. This is easily avoidable confusions and own shops, to the extent possible, should help minimize, as a bad experience, although we would be attributable to trade can mean losing that customer forever.”

Nine common mistakes when buying online.

9 gaffes that consumers make when buying onlineI did not take into account shipping costs

A big mistake that can lead to bitter consequences on the final bill is to be dazzled by the product price and not add the corresponding shipping amount. When it comes to buying prices between different web, we must take into account both games.

I do not accumulated my orders

One way to save money on shipping costs is to consolidate multiple orders in one, so the store just make a shipment to the buyer’s address. We will act with some planning, avoiding impulse buying and make sure online commerce allows this formula.

Then I found cheaper elsewhere

The rush is always bad counselors. Much as a web we “is pressing” buy and with their last minutes, we will be careful to take a look at the competition to compare prices before launching a “click”.

The product is not as expected

In the photos all products look great. However, we must ensure that besides being photogenic what we are buying fits our needs. A careful analysis of the dimensions, specifications and other elements included in the web will be essential.

Not me well

When it comes to clothes or shoes, we must exercise caution. Each manufacturer is a world within sizes and cuts, so the chances of erring buying a garment that you have not tried before are real. It is advisable to buy those brands with which we are most familiar and which have previous references to size, or look at the size chart and equivalences that often accompany such products.

It is not the latest model

Internet is an excellent platform to acquire a very good price products that are about to or have just been replaced by new versions or models. But if you are not specifically looking for this type of opportunity, the buyer can be a huge disappointment. Make sure that the reference and model coincide exactly with what we want to buy.

Now I cannot return

If the product does not convince us, the law gives us the right to return? ? Long as we have not committed one of these three sins’: 1) Do not send them back with original packaging and in good condition; 2) We’ve manipulated and used; 3) We sent later. So before we break and pull boxes, or assemble and test our purchase, let’s make sure we’re staying the.

I cannot pay the way that suits me

We found the product of our dreams, we are convinced the price and terms, but when completing the transaction we find that the store does not accept the payment method of our choice. Before having to remove the stops to keep that purchase, trying to adjust to an unsafe or method that does not suit us, we check which systems accept the store in question.

I did not notice shipping times

The days and the order does not arrive. And meanwhile, we nervous because maybe we wanted for a gift and the date pounces. Before blaming the online store, maybe we should have looked at the section “estimated shipping times” so that, if not convince us, opt for a faster store.