5 Extensions Google Chrome essential to improve your blog

Already for some time, the relevance of Google Chrome over other browsers is notorious. In 2013, he left a statistic in which we could remove that 43% of user’s worldwide use Google Chrome as main browser.

Why download extensions on Google chrome browser?

Indeed the reasons are two:

  • For convenience: Having these tools at hand are always more agile. Only with not having to be opening and closing is a time saver.
  • By features: These same tools or applications offer more functionality to users who have downloaded the extension. It is a matter of loyalty.

5 Extensions Google Chrome essential to improve your blog5 extensions Google chrome essential to improve your blog

I recommend extensions are…

1- Bufferapp: This in my opinion is one of the best. It allows you to schedule tweets and “shares” in facebook to put them in “tail” (published in the hours before you have default). Another interesting feature is the social bookmarking; you can save content to be consulted later. Here I leave a tutorial so you can see how it works:

Google Similar Pages 2: One of the most tedious tasks for a blogger is looking for ideas or concepts that allow us to generate valuable content. If you write often you know perfectly well what I mean. This extension will facilitate life enough. As you say the name, when visiting a website or blog, the extension will detail pages with similar content and description to give you an idea, very valuable to discover new sources of information.

3- Check my links: Important for SEO tasks. If you’re a little stuck on you will know that google does not like fallen or outdated links. This tool will allow you to do a quick scan and to remedy the situation if you see someone who is in this situation.

4- MOZBAR: Of all the extensions to analyze the SEO of your page, this is possibly the most complete. Analyze the “headings” (h1, h2 …) of each page, the backlinks you have, charge time page and issues related to the HTML code of your blog. All you need to improve SEO.

5- Awesome screenshot: If you want to make screen shots and not waste much time this is your ideal tool. The use is very simple. You can make the capture, annotate and easily share it on your social networks or post it on your blog.

What extensions use your Google Chrome to manage your blog?