Women, the motor of collective purchases. Loyalty, the key to success

67% of buyers of group offers are women according to a study carried out by the aggregator of offers of the day Yunait. According to this study, the most common profile of buyers of collective offers is that of women between 25 and 34 years old, urban and with a higher education level. To carry out this study, the portal has conducted a survey of 300 buyers of collective offers.

As regards the most demanded offers, there are clear differences between the sexes. Women prefer Health and Beauty offers (29%) followed by Travel (26%), Restaurants (23%), Tickets (19%) and Sports (3%). However, men are more inclined to offer Restaurants (37%), Travel (24%), Tickets (19%), Sports (14%) and Health / Beauty (6%).

64% of buyers say they feel satisfied with the service provided by the bidding business and 36% say they have been little or not satisfied. In this sense, 31% of respondents indicate having received a service of inferior quality to that of a regular customer. According to Pablo Elosúa, Managing Director of the Yunait.com portal, “giving a lower service to customers who come with a coupon is the main reason why some businesses do not achieve loyalty, which is the key to the success of these actions.” To the satisfaction with the site of collective purchase, 78% of the respondents said to be satisfied with the service.

Among the main motivations that drive to buy this type of offer, in addition to the price, are the one that is a clear offer and the quality, both of the offer itself, as well as the business. On the other hand, the main reasons that can stop buying are that the purchase process on the collective purchase website is complicated. Another important brake on the purchase is a low quality offering business.

Finally, 77% of buyers of collective offers assure that they will repeat. This data shows that although some buyers have had unsatisfactory experiences are willing to buy again, due to the significant discounts they get thanks to this new consumer model.

Loyalty, the key to the success of collective offers

Another parallel report indicates that 68% of the businesses that have launched a group offer assures that the action was profitable. To carry out this study, a survey was conducted of 100 business managers who have tried this new model once or several times, to attract customers to their establishments.

By type of business, those who have managed to make the most of the launch of these offers have been health and beauty (70%), followed by those who have offered courses (69%), hotels (67%), businesses that have offered sports activities (58%) and, finally, restaurants (55%), which seem to be the most difficult for them to make profitable collective offers.

The profitability for a business that launches a collective offer is limited by the high discounts of the offers and by the commission that takes the collective purchase portal. The key to success is to achieve customer loyalty. According to Pablo Elosúa, Managing Director of Yunait.com “the collective purchase portal sends the offer to hundreds of thousands of potential customers in cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, ​​that in itself has a very important advertising value and manages to take the business to hundreds Of customers. Then, it depends on the quality of the business service to get those customers back and buy at a normal price, which is the key to the success of these actions. “In this sense, 76% of the businesses get some customers to repeat. Nevertheless,

Another interesting fact that reveals this study is the rate of customers who buy coupons and then do not enjoy them. Only 12% of the businesses declare that all the coupons that were bought were exchanged. Depending on the collective purchase portal, these coupons are not always paid to businesses and this is one of the main reasons for business complaints regarding this model.

Finally, 78% of businesses say they would launch a collective offer again. This data reveals that, although some businesses have not managed to capitalize on the short-term action, they are willing to launch another collective offer, and there is no advertising alternative for a small business that, without putting money ahead, can attract so many customers. The key to success for the business is getting those customers back.