Why Social Media management can not be worth 500 dollars?

Is the management of social networks in your company a home and family production? Is your child anonymous who manages your profile on Facebook or Twitter? Are you planning to ask your first computer to design a promotion for this Christmas?

Why Social Media management can not be worth 500 dollarsIf you have answered “Yes” to almost all of these questions management in social networks may not be contributing to the smooth running of your business. Maybe investing in Social Media is not going, you think it’s not necessary, so do not be surprised that your online community is reduced to a group of neighbors more placed in new technologies and, of course, your lovely family is Is that the goal you pursue in Social Media?

If we were clear showing the reasons why a website can not be worth 500 dollars, this time we do the same with the management of social profiles and social media strategy of your own business.

Admit that you have seen that your competition also has a presence in social networks, you have been following them for some time, so you know that they usually create promotions and launch discounts; also receive your offers by email. You recognize that it also has a community that seems dynamic, where users actively participate. It would be nice if our social profiles had life too, right?

Well that is only achieved by investing time and money, or time and more time that in the end also translates into a quantifiable cost.

An efficient management of social media or the different marketing actions that we can develop are not a simple game of children. The necessary deep knowledge of the medium, tools, how to interact or communicate, how to deal with potential challenges and problems, ability to analyze, etc … a difficult task to be delegated to anyone who does not have a proven experience beyond their simple participation and presence in social networks. At least if we want to develop a real management that can report the expected results.

Therefore, success in Social Media is not a result of goodwill, but a good strategy

It is important to consider that we want to achieve and establish our objectives and, from there, to have a team of experts to develop our strategy and its different actions, both at the level of interaction in social networks such as content marketing.

Is your child an expert in communication? Maybe your nephew is an analytical professional? Are you sure your prim is present and available when the opportunity knocks on your door or someone requires a quick response from your company?

Customers need to feel that we are there.  Therefore, it is essential to know how to use the potential of social networks as a channel of customer service, answering queries quickly, efficiently and in a personalized way. Are you prepared for it?

Social Media requires a permanent dedication. It is necessary to constantly monitor the results, evaluate the impact of your actions and, if necessary, readapt the strategy, orienting it to the tastes and preferences of our followers. Monitoring also helps you to hear and better know our target audience or audience. Do you really believe that any family member or close friend is able to get all this just by dedicating part of their free time?

As we see, the task of planning to manage our Social Media strategy requires a lot of time, dedication, knowledge and experience. An online community is not built in a day ; Let’s not expect miracles but do not think that with our mere presence in social networks we are about to touch heaven with our hands, and less if we have not placed our trust in the hands of real professionals. Now … Would you be willing to value this work and pay for it? because remember … the management of Social Media can not be worth 500 dollars.

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