What they are willing to give consumers in exchange for greater discounts?

Discounts and rebates have been one of the tools that makes and stores have made use for longer and remain some of which offer more and better results, at least according to a study just proved. Consumers remain receptive to them and still want to be seduced with low prices.

In fact, according to a study of BeFrugal, virtually all buyers are interested in brands offer them discounts during the Christmas season that is underway and many of them are also in the purchase involves an incentive for following that made in the same establishment. Thus, 9 out of 10 consumers say they are interested in both specific offers and in specific programs at the point of sale.

Customers interested in prices and are interested in saving: 68% are interested both coupons that allow access to discounts as rewards and incentives to purchase that make it spent on a discount coupon for future visits store. These programs have had a very long life (possibly every consumer remembers a supermarket that made years ago the weekly shopping in discount vouchers for future visits) and, as shown by the study have not passe. Consumers continue to attract those discounts and deals.

What they are willing to give consumers in exchange for greater discountsSo much so that buyers are even willing to give up things and habits to get the best deals: discounts on products lead them to reject some of the things they value most in their daily lives. BeFrugal analysis was not only the facts but also applied in the assumptions and asked consumers what they were willing to resign if that would get the marks application discounts and promotions.

The answers are, of course, of the most varied, but demonstrate the importance that consumers give to this type of action. 87% agreed that he would leave something for a month just for access to a discount. In the list of things disables, there were a few guilty pleasures but also recurring items of everyday life. Thus, 52% of respondents would stop using for a month social networking if that would agree to discounts on their brand header and 55% would not see football during the same period. 48% would be willing to give up alcohol and 47% chocolate.

It is not the first survey shows that consumers value highly the discounts. A study Acquaty noted that buyers are willing to share to varying degrees personal data only to access discounts: 40% the offer uncensored and 60% would, for example, all data that brands could want on your car. The offers and prices are, in fact, two of the decisive when closing a purchase, depending on factors data Accenture and coupons is a key element to attract consumers.

Christmas consumption habits

The study not only focused on issues related to prices and offers. It seems impossible to do a market study on buying habits at this time and not stop to analyze what consumers will do during their holiday shopping, so the report also incorporates some data on consumer habits of the Christmas campaign and relationship between consumers and their store visits.

The Christmas season is a stressful period when consumers want only to rest and be with their loved ones, so brands and shops will have to work to combat these two contradictory impulses. 24% of consumers ensure that test products during shopping are stressful during the Christmas season. Many consumers complain of stress generated by purchases during the period and other studies have highlighted before the power in this regard have tails, the avalanche of consumers or perhaps problems stock. This reality creates therefore a window of opportunity for online stores.

To this figure and adds these realities which ensures that 62% devote the extra vacation time to rest since half will ensure that your loved ones.