What qualities of brands help create the best impression among consumers?

Quality is the main distinguishing factor of brands and products. Customers greatly value quality above other factors such as the price of the product or customer service.

This is reflected in the study by Vanessa DiMauro and Don Bulmer for The Society for New Communications Research, where 80% of consumers highlighted as very important product quality when forming a positive image about the brand.

What qualities of brands help create the best impression among consumersInevitably, the economic component plays an important role when it comes to valuing a brand. More than half of respondents (55%) takes into account the price of the products as a determinant in shaping their opinion on the company factor.

In response to the study, before the opinion of friends, family or other clients, consumers take into account their own experience with the brand, the benefits it offers; ultimately their policy attention and customer care (37% vs 34%). In purchasing decisions, this factor may become even more important than price, according Offers.com.

Besides these elements, we cannot ignore the weight of the valuations obtained through social mentions, when it comes to identifying the values and benefits of a brand. The study shows once again that the opinion of other users have a decisive bearing on purchasing decisions (30%).

These aspects take precedence over other relevant factors such as the social commitment of the company with its environment (19%), their loyalty program (18%), or the age of the company (15%), and of course, of the advertising strategy of the same (10%) or its activity in Social Media (7%).

To win customers, brands need, first, on excellence and quality of its products or services, so that the fruits of their activity is truly remarkable. From here, and leaving aside the price, the customer experience, together with references of trust are increasingly relevant time, becoming even decisive.