What are the basic points of a content strategy?

Undoubtedly, one of the bases for talking about a product or company, socialize on the network and generate links and references, is to create quality content. However, as stated by Arturo Miramón, SEOCOM SEO Consultant, this content not only has to be good, but extraordinary. And, in addition, the launch of this content will not have to be in a random way, but in a planned and structured. What are the basic points of a content strategy? From SEOCOM the keys are given.

 What are the basic points of a content strategyThe three pillars
The Content Marketing or content strategy is not “vomit” over optimized content, link it to all products and doorways and wait for that to position. “It’s about generating such good content that even your competition has to refer you, something your visitors love,” says Miramón. For this reason, the strategy will be based on three basic pillars: conversion, ranking and popularity.

In the first one, it must be taken into account that both the “what is said” and “how it is said”, affect the decision to buy the user. On the other hand, the original and complete content will help products or services rank better in search engine results (SERPs). And, finally, there is the base of popularity, where Content Marketing can get better results, making the site get links and social mentions that help to position.

Editorial Calendar
“Publishing content to your blog, from time to time, without a plan is like driving aimlessly and without a map. If you do not have a content plan or even a calendar, your chances of failure are very high, and may lead you to think that these types of strategies do not work, returning to spam, “says Marimón. With respect to the fields that have to have this calendar, depends a lot on the concrete needs of each company, but, roughly speaking, the points that would have to have this calendar, would be: Date of publication, author, state, title, summary , Keywords, target, links, extra content, comments, goals and metrics of success.
In the same way, it is of vital importance within the strategy to analyze the results obtained. Thanks to this analysis, a more adapted plan can be made, focusing on the strengths in order to improve the subsequent results. This measurement can be done through Google Analytics. Finally, there are numerous tools that can help improve the content strategy. Some of them are: Kapost, Salesforce Cloud Marketing, Divvyhq, Intigi, Contently, CurationSoft or Scribe Content.