Useful content: The key of the QR codes

The adoption of this marketing tool is increasing, however, is it true that the actions associated with QR codes should offer more value to the consumer? And where is the key to that value? How do we find him?

We are all clear that QR codes should be sized to allow scans, that we should not use colors that detract from their sharpness and that their location is crucial to incite your query. However, the pending issue regarding its use lies in the lack of a marketing strategy that takes into account both the previous impact that leads to the scan and the contents that are transmitted to the user once the code has been scanned.

Useful content The key of the QR codesExperiences such as the one recently developed by Decathlon show us the importance of having contents of interest for the client, motivating the visit to the store or improving the context in which the decision to purchase takes place. The sports specialist’s innovative campaign included QR codes in its graphic advertising, with the aim of improving the knowledge of a complex product and moving traffic to the point of sale for purchase. All explained in a very simple and agile way to adapt to the environment. Do not forget that in these cases consumers are accessing through the mobile.

By scanning the QR of advertising AbdoGain, a product to work the abdominal reinforcement, users could access a quick video that explained the results of the use of the product, the price and the nearest store where you can buy it depending on the location Of the user.

For this campaign, Decathlon used Promobi, a web tool to create geolocalized mobile marketing campaigns based on QR codes and mobile minisites, recently awarded the Futurshop award for the best retail marketing tool.

The value of this action has been to use common sense, says Héctor Romero, the company’s online marketing and communications manager. Sometimes we worry more about the way that the background leaving aside the needs of the client and forgetting the circumstances in which it accesses our communication. With the QRs we look for a nexus of union between the off-line publicity and the on-line content. We understood that consumers from their mobile wanted access to interesting and fast content. That is why we use Promobi that allows this versatility when designing the mobile marketing campaigns and which enhances the use of geolocation. Key to us because we always try to move visits to our stores.

Promobi, Is a solution of Creadsmedia, which allows, from a web tool, not only create geolocalized QRs, but also edit the associated contents: a product card, a discount coupon, a video, etc. The trick is to detect the geolocation of the user to offer not only the content adapted to your smartphone, but also the nearest point of sale or where you can access a particular promotion. The technique used by Promobi is already used in the packagings of many products and in the exterior or graphic advertising to generate engagement with the consumer and to involve him more in the action. The best thing of the matter, besides, is that it is compatible with any type of smartphone and that from the tool itself it is possible to access access statistics by location, date, time, type of device, etc.