Tools and applications for Community managers

The work of all Community managers or professionals of social media and social networks is undoubtedly a challenge that requires constant dedication and monitoring of the information generated through this type of media. It would not be the same, without the innumerable resources and tools that we can find in the network and that facilitate this work.

We opened our disaster drawer to recover some interesting tools and applications that will be very useful and that we can take advantage of for our great objective. Either to follow a brand, monitor what is said about them or facilitate our tasks, it is worth having these tools always at hand.

To Facebook

Selective Twitter Status : It allows posting on Facebook the comments made through twitter. With the advantage that you decide which comments you want to show (adding #fb at the end of the comment).

My flickr : This application is to show the images saved in flickr. They appear in a box on the Facebook profile homepage or in a new tab called My flickr. Interesting if it fits with our objectives and business model.

Youtube Video Box:   It is an application for Facebook that aims to unify both services, more specifically embed YouTube on your Facebook and import videos from our YouTube account.

My Linkedin Profile:  Presents on Facebook, your profile created in the Professional Social Network Linkedin.

For Twitter,

LocaFollow : It allows you to search Twitter users according to your interests and preferences, by zones, keywords, name or information of their biographies.

Listorious:  A complete directory with the most important lists of Twitter and that allows us to find such lists easily.

Cotweet : This application allows us to keep several twitter accounts open in the same environment. A priori, it seems not, but it can be very useful for social media professionals and community managers who manage different brands simultaneously.

We measure something? Come on, we start by measuring Twitter.

Attentio:  Payment monitoring tool. You can measure practically everything, traditional media, blogs, forums, Twitter and Facebook, and also video and image platforms.

Spy:  Developed with Google App Engine, this metasearch engine in real time can show us the appearances of the selected keywords in different social networks. Ideal to monitor conversations on social networks and track what they say about our brand.

Tweeteffect:  This tool is designed to filter the Twitter data in order to show us which of your tweets have made people follow you or stop following you.

We will continue looking for resources and interesting tools to improve your work, analyze and control what is said, commented or rumored of our clients or company in the ecosystem of social media and social networks. In the meantime, may you be happy!

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