The webrooming is imposed on the showrooming

Webrooming, the tendency to discover products through internet and search online information on those relevant to consumers is an increasingly common practice, which particularly benefits the retailers.

A diametrically opposed to showrooming activity, the threat of physical stores, which leads customers to compare prices and find alternatives to the product before them. According to the data, the remnants have nothing to fear, the recent survey published by Harris Interactive, the webrooming far exceeds the dreaded showrooming. Specifically, 89% of customers surveyed in November, had planned to dive into Internet before making their purchase decisions during the Christmas season. In total, 7 out of 10 and have practiced webrooming earlier, while about 40% was adept at showrooming.

The webrooming is imposed on the showroomingThese consumers not only want the best price, but try to get to know those products in which they are interested. Thus, they demand quality content that allows you to know all the details and characteristics of the product.Information that contrast with views and recommendations of their peers.Hence the importance for brands to develop an effective marketing strategy inbound and bet on offer content of value.

The webrooming not only influences decision-making, but also greatly increases the amount of purchases regarding showroomers. Harris Interactive data indicate that users who actively seek online are not only especially willing to buy, but eventually end up spending more than those who only rely on their smartphone within the facility (US $ 203 vs. $ 175).

Consequently, the showrooming does not jeopardize the viability of the physical stores, however customers are demanding other online information before buying. Therefore, companies must be able to provide this information when and where they need it, in order to strengthen its intention to purchase and lead them on the path to conversion.