The Tools are not everything in Social media

It is a proven fact that for Social Media professionals, whatever their profile, one of the biggest drawbacks when developing their work is the lack of time.

Generally we are forced to perform a wide range of tasks in a short space of time, which is a working day, come on, but, throughout that day we are not only forced to perform our daily tasks, but we have what They are called “time robbers”.

A “time thief” is nothing but something that happens unexpectedly and that we see ourselves in the need to attend, be it a person who comes to invite us to a coffee, the boss who calls us to ask us something, a question from someone on Twitter or a phone call.

For this reason, we must prioritize and establish an order of importance and urgency in what we do, and, also for that, we use tools that help us optimize our time.

There are many tools to perform many tasks. We can use tools to monitor, such as Social Mention, to measure different indicators (KPI’s), such as Google Analytics, to measure our influence, to manage our profiles on different social platforms, to program tweets, to schedule updates on Facebook, to modify our profiles in appearance …

All these tools help us save precious time that we can use for many other things, since it is a big waste of time, for example, being in front of the computer screen sending tweets every half hour. We program them and we can already be aware of something else, of course, while continuing to monitor the conversations that take place in that social network.

One of the most frequent mistakes that we usually make when we start in this world of dospuntocero is to think that our work can be done entirely based on tools. Nothing is further from reality.

It is true that these applications can help us in a great way, but it is necessary to know how to use them, and to have enough knowledge of the idiosyncrasy of the different platforms to know that we can not act the same in all of them, and, therefore, there are many processes and procedures that we can not automate.

It is necessary to be very clear that the tools help us to cover a logistical need, we could say, but they do not do the work for us. They are a means to an end, but it is necessary that we know them in depth to take advantage of them as much as possible.

The tools are useful, yes, but used with common sense and knowledge. What prevails in Social Media is the expertise of the professional in front of the thousand applications that we can use. It is not about how many tools I use, but how and why I use them.

And you? Do you use the tools with heads?