The power of ingenuity. Creative strategies of success in marketing and advertising

The CEF has presented its latest editorial novelty. It is the book entitled ” The power of ingenuity. Creative strategies of success in marketing and advertising “, by Luis María Cano Plá. A title that reviews the most effective creative strategies of all time, applied in the field of marketing and advertising and worldwide. This work raises the capital importance that ingenuity and creative ideas play in the advertising and marketing of the XXI century, as an essential tool to attract the bombed attention of the consumer.

It makes an exhaustive review for those unforgettable announcements that, thanks to the ingenuity of its creators, had the virtue of acting as perfect seduction machines for consumers. Throughout the twelve chapters of this book, the work of the great gurus of advertising is analyzed and the mythical campaigns that elevated them are studied. The book is, in addition, full of practical cases that dissect the process of creation in marketing and advertising from start to finish. In its pages, music, language, humor, research, the subliminal and the latest persuasive tendencies emerge, elements that the best professionals in advertising and marketing use to achieve their objectives.

The author Luis María Cano Plá

Luis María Cano, Madrid, 1970, is a Marketing Technician and Advertising Technician for the Center for New Professions of Madrid. He completed his training during 1995 at Lewes Tertiary College (East Sussex, Great Britain). He has contributed and developed his knowledge as Marketing Manager in international companies and was part of the writing team of the art, leisure and culture magazine “en Cartel”, signing his articles and interviews. He worked for two years at the American multinational ExxonMobil. Author of the commercial project of multimedia museum and leisure center “Palacio Blanco”, presented to Real Madrid CF He has published the book “A plena empleo” in 2005 and will shortly publish his first foray into inspirational narrative.

Technical Sheet Title: ” The power of ingenuity. Creative strategies of success in marketing and advertising ” Unforgettable ads turned into perfect seduction machines.

A fascinating exploration of the most effective strategies and a journey through the most attractive and imaginative side of marketing and advertising.