The importance of cultivating customers in quality, not quantity

Customers approach the companies attracted by an offer, or the quality of a product; but they are based on the experience that they are able to provide.

Hence the need to develop a focused strategy to cultivate satisfied customers; and not to get customers in quantity. It is important not to lose sight that 20% of customers give us 80% of the profit. Pareto’s law, again, opens a window to reality; inviting us to reflect on it and question our natural tendency to gamble on getting customers, at all costs.

The importance of cultivating customers in quality, not quantityIt is therefore appropriate to make a change in perspective, and direct our goal towards what really matters: focus on quality, rather than quantity in the customer relationship:

Enhance their loyalty against the indiscriminate siege with offers. It is true that customers are looking for some kind of incentive or motivation to buy products of a brand. However, if the experience is positive, they continue betting on the same, and even be involved to a higher level. This must be to create offers and promotions; the strategy has to go a step further, seeking loyalty.

Betting on the AIDA method vs impulse buying. Customers are actively seeking information about those products in which they are interested. It is purchasing decisions serving a previous desire for that product, to stay in touch with everything about the brand. Prior to these purchases premeditated close the link between the customer and the brand process, helps you discover, and feel the desire to know more.

To provide a personalized experience, rather than homogenization .Customers do not buy products, but experiences. The offer presented by the market is homogeneous, to the point of being monotonous. Consequently those companies who care to emphasize, differentiate your product based on added value, details and differentiating factors, are more likely to stand out, to attract the audience and get their favorable treatment.

Promote the presence, brand recall, against indifference. The customer relationship can not end once the mere commercial transaction. This is the peak of experience; the phase where the brand should be able to enter your heart. This is a unique opportunity to foster a sense of belonging; increase the perceived value of the brand, and lay the foundations for a fruitful relationship.

So, what it makes a company great is to have many customers, but have good customers. loyal customers who stay at his side, who voluntarily wish to continue the relationship with the company. Something not achieved commercial hooks, appealing to pocket, but the heart.