Qualification, the new key to direct marketing

The concept of classic segmentation is not enough to obtain the best results

Walmeric Solutions, leader of the market in providing new business models applied to direct marketing, proposes a new concept to achieve the best objectives in online campaigns: the qualification.

The current Internet landscape allows to increase the results of sales processes up to 30% thanks to a new technology that not only segments but also deepens the construction of lasting relationships with prospects. It is what Walmeric calls the process of ‘Lead Management’.

One must study the potential clients of a brand during its entire life cycle, until they know at what precise moment they are ready to make the purchase decision. ‘A user not converted into a first impact is not a lost customer’- declares Antonio Fernández, Director of Business Development at Walmeric. ‘Through the study of their actions on the Net, you can know the ideal time to send you personalized information and get your conversion,’ he adds.

Classical segmentation identifies individuals based on homogeneity (age, sex, geography …). ‘In this way we are not personalizing the impact. We are not considering the needs of people individually and we are missing out on business opportunities. ‘ Concludes Antonio Fernández.

Building a marketing strategy on large databases is only the first step. Thanks to the qualification techniques, the possibility of knowing the needs and tastes of the users in a personalized way generates great innovation opportunities that must be exploited.