Psychology of sales: How to convince your partner

Although we live in an increasingly technological society and we obsess on how to sell products and services online, they will never disappear human relationships throughout the sales process.

Again and again we have before us an interlocutor who have good arguments to convince save and know the possible objections that arise during our discussion.

Psychology of sales How to convince your partnerIt should highlight some key points that I consider to increase our chances of success:

  • “Naked” good your product or service: If you’re not the best know of what you sell better not start trying to get customers. Study well the strengths and learn to subtract against weaknesses without lying to your partner. The customer should never feel cheated.
  • Validates the acquired knowledge from conversations with customers: Most times, after a few attempts to sell, you will have opportunity to improve your sales presentation
  • Try everything you can reference your main activity: Every client or “prospect” want to feel safe, especially when you have to invest money in it. Major customers, number of years in the sector, any award or recognition received or any data or objective statistics that can increase the perception of skill in the art.
  • Work the soil thoroughly: The first point commented that there is to know what sells but just as important is knowing who you sell it. Whenever you can extract information from the company in question and even the person you’re going to have to convince. The sales context is vital to know if you’re on track with the sales material you have prepared
  • Customize sale: If you put yourself in the skin of your prospect, not like that much to sell your product as a robot with a rigid script note. That will give the feeling that you have not bothered to analyze the particular needs of that company or person.
  • Do not lose any opportunity to empathize with your client: This point can be written entire books. Here we need a high level of attention: try to draw conclusions from the way they dress, speech, body expressions, decoration … though not enough there are plenty of things that gives us access to obtaining additional information. That always helps to know where to focus our presentation and comments are best suited to make a good first impression
  • This point may seem obvious but it works all you can your personal safety: Do not let the situation and give you exceed understand that you do not trust what you sell. Details such as voice, steady gaze, body gestures are discernible aspects that can make the difference between reaching an agreement or stay on the road.

These are some of the many important points to develop business tasks successfully but no doubt that the most important is the attitude with which you will face your partner. Sometimes arithmetic is simple…

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