Only fan? I want to be something else

You arrived one day and you appeared, suddenly, you presented yourself in front of me and you invited me to be part of your community. According to you, following you was going to be the best thing that had happened to me in my life so far … Even by clicking on “I like it” I had privileges beyond the reach of others.

It’s true, you made me feel special, it seemed like I was the only one … But after that first moment … I have not heard from you again, there’s been no other approach on your part. Every once in a while I see that you publish something, you appear briefly, but there is nothing you do or say thinking about me … You already got what you wanted … now what? Is there nothing else? how soon you have forgotten my existence

How far it has been when you invited me to live an enjoyable experience by your side, that with you I would have everything I could wish for … but everything has remained in promises … I want you to know that I do not want to be just your fan, I am not going to conform to appear as a simple number that comes to swell your list of “I like”; If you want me to stay by your side, I want to be something else, and for this you will have to employ yourself thoroughly …

This is the big complaint that social network users have, they feel forgotten, unattended. The companies that one day promised the gold and the Moor to get their benefits, as soon as they get what they want, they forget them forever, they leave them cornered at the bottom of their list of followers.

That is not a way to create community … but to accumulate anonymous clicks without sense or reason; swelling a figure that really does not make sense; If you are waiting for them to decide to interact in your favor, you are ready, that is not how this world works.

If at the time you made the decision to create a fanpage, you launched a campaign to attract fans, you started the hard work of winning followers to your brand, congratulations! That is a good start. Now, why do not you make an effort to keep your fans, to care about them and make them feel loved, in short, to make them stop being a simple number for you?

Do not think that only interest moves you and that in reality you are not interested in the least, because you are wrong in the middle to middle. They are the center of your online life, it depends on them to reach the top or you sink into the maximum misery.

Change the chip, take advantage of your fans, create a true online community. Enjoy with your company, give them reasons to stay by your side, give them value, care and attention, which translates into special advantages, quality content and conversation. Something so simple to say and at the same time so difficult to achieve if you do not intend it.

It is nothing less than creating that feeling that makes the other part feel comfortable with you, that wants to know more about you, follow you wherever you go and be willing to fight for you wherever you need it. If you are able to achieve that … you will have achieved your goal in social networks. Courage and hands to work …

What relationship do you have with your fans? Do you really appreciate them, or do you feel that they will abandon you the least thought day? Does your relationship have a future?

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