Multi-presence in social networks, the eternal dilemma

As in life itself, “it who embraces much, little squeezes.” This popular saying can serve as simile to understand the position of those who still have doubts about the decision to be in one or all social networks.

One for all or all for one?

The emergence of Social Networks, as we have said on many occasions, has meant for companies, professionals and private users a revolution in the way they can work, interact, communicate and share.

Social Media is a very powerful promotion vehicle for companies, since it gives them the possibility, both large and small, to reach where they could not have arrived otherwise. In addition, it allows them to find their target audience more easily using active listening and knowing very well what they like and what they do not like, what they are interested in, what their concerns are, making the strategy much more effective.

However, the common goal of all companies, now and always, is to get more customers, sell more, and many make use of the theory of the long tail, that is, identify their brand with many keywords to make it much more likely to be visible to a user when performing a search on the internet.

It is a useful technique on the one hand, but, as we have heard many times in our life, the one that covers a lot of little squeezes.

Popular wisdom is like that, wise.

Experience tells us that it is better to focus on few things than to try to touch all the clubs and not cover any. In Social Media it is the same.

There are those who think that they have to be on all platforms to reach more people, but think about it for a moment. Do you really have time to update all the platforms you are on? And now add your presence in several more. What would be the result? The abandonment of several profiles, and that, we have already concluded on more than one occasion that it is an attack against our Branding for giving a sense of abandonment.

But not only is this affirmation with our social profiles, but with what we do with them. As professionals in charge of managing the online presence of other brands, we see ourselves in the position of imagining and thinking about actions to increase their reputation and image. Thousands of ideas can come to mind, and many times, in an attempt to “blow up” Social Networks in our favor, we undertake an action in each of the platforms where we have a presence, and in the end, none has a real success or the expected results.

It is better to be patient and analyze with our team, if we have it, which actions are the most appropriate at each moment and perform them one at a time, to have enough time to put it into practice properly and evaluate its progress.

And you, are you one of those who want to cover a lot, or those who prefer to go little by little?