Most sellers and companies plan to invest more in social media this year

A large number of sellers and companies will take into account as of this year, include social media in as part of their marketing strategies and 70% plan to increase the budget that will allocate to them by more than 10%, according to a recent survey of Efie Worldwide and Mashable.

The survey also found that the main goal of social media will be to increase the number of fans on Facebook. Speaking for themselves and their clients, the group members reported that social networks would increase their budget by 11.9%, compared to 13% for TV.

However, 68.7 billion dollars were spent on TV advertising, compared to only 26 billion dollars spent on Internet advertising, as reported by the IAB.

Much of this spending will go to find new fans on Facebook, this being the main goal for 35% of respondents. Increase the presence in the mobile was the second objective mentioned with 22%.

Other important findings were the following:

  • The brands that were cited for effectively broadcasting their message in social media include Old Spice (15%), Pepsi (8%), Starbucks (7%) and Ford (6%).
  • 50% of respondents said they use a mix of internal work and agencies to manage social media.
  • 80% said they were planning to use advertising for iPad and / or an application for that tablet this year, while 20% did not plan to plan anything for this device.
  • 87% said that social media is important or very important to achieve its highest marketing objective this year.