Mobile marketing: How to increase the convertibility

It is the country with the highest smartphone penetration rate. These small devices require special features, which must be taken into account to avoid negative user experience. The key lies in being at the right time, in the right place. What the users look for through the mobile the definitive data to complete the process; They know what they want and they want it already. 70% of the searches through PC are completed in a week, however, in the mobiles, the term is reduced to one hour, so there is no time to lose:

Is your website ready? Check the visibility and usability of your mobile web. It is very possible that the graphic elements, such as animations or the so used floating windows that invite you to subscribe to your newsletter are making it impossible to directly navigate your page. Evaluate the possibility of creating a specific version for these devices, in which case, do not mention the same errors, pay special attention to its architecture and loading speed, as well as the nature of its contents.

Do you know how they look for you? The search terms that we enter in our smartphone are not the same as in the computer. The keyword tool of Google Adwords offers the possibility to filter the search trends by type of device, use it and adapt your SEO to the small screen.

The best essences are presented in small bottles . The mobiles have a screen of reduced size, like the keyboard. You yourself have seen the difficulty of typing on your mobile, especially if you walk down the street. It prevents users from having to zoom, move around the screen a lot or perform impossible stunts to access your content.

The good, if it’s brief … Use clear and concise texts, with a direct language, all focused on the “call to action”. It facilitates interactivity through the small screen; if in the traditional web we apply the rule of 3 clicks to guarantee the effectiveness and usability of the page, in the mobile it must be reduced to a single click: arrive, see and act. A good practice is to include buttons with clear and direct actions, such as “register”, “purchase”, “contact”, and the possibility of making a call to the company directly with just one click.

Be there where they need you . According to Google, no less than 40% of searches made through mobile are local. Users use mobiles to find what they need here and now; you have to be prepared to offer it. Is your content optimized and focused on geolocation?

It facilitates interaction . One of the main uses of smartphones is sharing, telling others what we are doing, what interests us and even asking them what they think about the product we want to buy. Take the test and personally verify that the content of your site can be easily shared through the smartphone.

Your maxim in mobile marketing is to leave everything ready to your customers , so that they can arrive and succeed. You can not miss the opportunity to convert your client’s visit, put in front of him what you know he needs and make it easy to take him to action.