Marketing, Advertising and Communication: We want to know your Agency

The world of communication, marketing and advertising is characterized by bringing together and conceiving the best ideas with which to generate emotions, convey messages and sensations.

Undoubtedly all these ideas, strategies and actions are conceived by companies, agencies and professionals who perform an admired work where creative talent is one of the most outstanding virtues.

Many of these companies are already part of the elite of large agencies, and are popularly recognized for their international prestige. Others, however, modestly work to continue growing under a proper name, without losing their identity and showing that it is possible to make a difference thanks to the creative spirit and above all to “those great ideas”.

Through our website, many of these agencies disseminate information publicizing their work, projects, studies and success stories. However, our community continues to grow and feels the need to know more about a history, a more human side and many more details of these specialized companies with which we share so many concerns.

For this, we make this call and invitation addressed to all advertising, marketing and creative communication agencies that wish to tell more, make themselves known or show what we can not see from outside.

Do you want to participate?

Tell us about your agency, send us your story, presentation or information. Tell us about your professionals, your successes, clients or show your work environment, facilities, etc …

All interested agencies can send us their material through our email, attaching commercial data, contact, staff, web address, logos, and related attached images.


  • The submitted information must be sent attached and written in editable text format and in Spanish language
  • The images must be in JPEG format and each of them must not exceed 100 Kb in size
  • If you have online videos on platforms such as youtube, vimeo, dailymotion or similar you can attach the reference urls.


We reserves the right to accept or discard requests at its own discretion, as well as to publish the information received at the time it deems appropriate, in a non-prominent manner, in addition to being able to summarize, modify or edit the information that you consider consider not relevant or timely.

We may terminate this promotion or free service on the date or time it deems appropriate without prior notice, and limiting or terminating the receipt of information or the guarantee that it will finally be published.