Increases the number of SMEs that are approaching mobile technology

Large companies have been the first to approach mobility, investing more and more resources, but SMEs are determined not to be left behind. New Constant Contact data reveals that 66% of SMEs in the US Are already using mobile technology. But all light has its shadows, since those companies that have put a brake do not intend to change their strategy on the matter.

Increases the number of SMEs that are approaching mobile technologyOf the SMEs that use mobility, most of them are already using smartphones and tablets, working on the adaptation of their web pages and integrating text and SMS messages into their strategy. From the study we also find other very interesting findings:

  • 73% of SMEs are using some kind of social marketing tactics;
  • 71% are using email marketing options;
  • 44% use social platforms;
  • 34% operate mobile optimized pages.

“It’s encouraging to see that most small businesses recognize that their customers are increasingly using their mobile devices to find information, find deals and even shop,” says Joel Hughes, senior vice president of strategy and business development at Constant Contact. “That said, small business owners are still being very cautious about launching. No wonder they have launched in two of the areas where they have a solid experience of success in their relationship with the customer, such as social media and e-mail.”

Almost in parallel, a recent survey on mobile devices developed by SAGE showed that 85% of SMEs find positive results in the company due to the use of mobile terminals by employees in their activity. For many companies, mobile devices are an extension of the office.

A long way to go 

Despite this growing interest in mobile technologies, 3 out of 4 SMBs do not appear in online searches. 26.4% of SMEs do not appear in searches because their pages are not kept up to date or their content is not considered relevant by the search engines themselves. And not only that, in addition, 94.5% of the web pages of SMEs are not optimized for mobility.

Mobile devices, increasingly important and influential for consumers 

Another recent parallel study carried out by Telmetrics in collaboration with xAd confirms this trend, demonstrating both the importance and influence of this type of devices when making purchases or in the processes and moments prior to them. In this sense, the report highlights that 45% of customers seek local products and services primarily with their mobile, while 49% use the computer. 46% also indicated that they exclusively use their smartphone as an information source, in addition, 31% acknowledge that they return to this device during the purchase process.

This makes both the optimization and the prominent presence in the search engines of the different websites of this type of company is considered as a vital aspect that is increased given the increasing use of the new mobile devices and the new habits of consumers and Users.