Identification of loyal customers, essential for brands

For all companies, the identification of their most active users and, consequently, their most loyal customers is essential, the realization of specific measurements that allow brands to identify their “best customers” has become an essential tool, it is for That reason that we present some of the formulas of identification of those who are consolidated as their best customers.

Frequency of measurement

For any restaurant, store, construction business, etc. … the success of the visits translates into potential customers. The greater the frequency with which they visit the corporate portals of the brands, the more important they will be. It is necessary to understand that frequency is essential to identify potential customers, which will result in a highly relevant source of information, allowing you to incorporate special promotions and personalized attention to your online store for loyal and frequent customers.

Analyze your competition

Know what kind of information is relevant to your potential customers, if a customer always visits the same restaurant, it is easy to deduce that it is a customer with a tendency to loyalty. The measurement of the virtual stores visited by your customers, will inform you about what they value, seek and need, their potential teeth.

Although fidelity is a difficult variable to measure, the identification of customer trends will allow you to identify new opportunities for your business.

Loyalty programs, awards, how much is the brand talked about, are they present on social networks? These are some of the most recurrent concerns of users, not in vain, loyalty programs are created, directed and used by the most committed customers, making an active work in the promotion and dissemination of the same that translates into new potentials customers.

Social networks are constant information platforms, feedback is essential for the identification of new business areas, which thanks to the satisfaction of the needs and interests of your target audience, will open new and constant opportunities for growth and success