I already have many followers and now what?

Since you created your social profiles you have been especially concerned about getting followers, to make take off the figure of the members that make up your community. You are clear about good practices in social networking, so you have not been tempted to buy followers; On the other hand, you have made very attractive promotions, which have attracted many users to your page, who came as flies to honey and willingly accepted to be part of your club. You will always want more, but deep down you feel satisfied with your number of followers; For against, you can not say the same of the degree of activity of your account. 

I already have many followers and now whatThe number of comments and positive interactions of your social profiles is absent, you rarely receive a vote in favor of Like or RT, But very sporadically what happens? Why do not your users interact with your messages? What can you do to encourage engagement with your community? 

Talk to them in the first person. Do not act as a brand or use an impersonal tone. No one likes to talk to a robot, or feel that they are facing a wall, which prevents the natural flow of the conversation. 

The content remains the king. Your profile must bring value, offer relevant information, attract the attention of your followers and encourage them to share. Talk about topics that may interest you, both in relation to the maximum use and profits of your products or services, as well as about tastes and hobbies. 

Show that you understand and care about them. Social networks are a bi-directional medium, through which communication must flow. Become interested in your opinion, turn your profile into a place open to dialogue, where your users can express freely and publish their comments. 

Do not censor the negative comments, as long as they are not derogatory, they will help you to give an image of transparency and will give veracity to the rest of the opinions published. They also convey the idea that the brand is capable of assuming its mistakes and is always willing to listen and work to improve. 

Mention them directly, engage them in the conversation. This practice is especially useful on Twitter, it will help you to contact directly with your users and make them part of your message. This medium is very interactive and can help you consolidate your online presence. 

Follow those sites they follow. Show yourself as one more, join in the community. Participates in the conversation that takes place in external channels, always providing added value. 

It optimizes both the frequency of your publications and your broadcast schedule. Study the activity of your profiles and focus your actions in the time zone of greater action. Keep your profile alive, but in moderation, without overloading your users. 

Prizes for their fidelity. Do not fall into the mistake that many companies make, to offer advantages to customers only at the beginning, and then forget about them. It creates actions directed especially to your fans, reinforces their belonging to the community, That they feel proud to follow you, share it with a hype, and want to stay with you for a long time. 

Remember, trust is earned by working day by day, making your users know that you are there, that you are a friend and want to help them. Conquer them with something new every day, that surprises them and makes them want to know more.