How to manage your time and be more productive

How many times we have thought that we would be more productive? Or just do not stop uttering the famous phrase: “I do not have time for this,” Surely it is a recurring problem that affects us most.

The common objectives: To have more time to personal matters, have more time to achieve more ambitious goals and reduce our stress level.

The fundamental problem of many professionals is to confuse effectiveness with efficiency:

– Effectiveness: We are effective when we do what needs to be done at the right time and always in order of priority

– Efficiency: We are efficient when performing any task correctly, yes, without having deliberated whether it was important or not

How to manage your time and be more productiveAs we want to be more effective here are some tips to start better manage our time:

– Make your habits prior radiography. You have to know well what your starting point is

– Define your goals: take a sheet and write your goals short and medium-long term. You will advance not anything if you do not know where you’re going.

– Plan your day / week: This point is very simple to implement and has immediate results. Each day, before any business day, write down what you do and want to do to get closer to your goals. It’s amazing what improvement which qualitatively improves our time when we have a script set. And once a week, write what you want to get that focused on getting as defined above week.

РDo not skip tasks. Take an issue to solve and finish it. This sounds very basic but very often happens to have different tabs on the computer and work saut̩ed, that is not effective

– Keep at bay the “thieves of time”, there are always people in our environment that interrupt us and most times are not important or urgent

– Avoid having open social networks on a tab and check email more than necessary.

– If you have a chance, you have to know how to delegate an orderly manner. If you manage well the resources available, but will be cleaned up your day

Finally, nothing better than a phrase that motivates us a little sleep every day a little closer to the kind of life we want to lead and a little closer to our goals.