How can companies demonstrate concern for the customer?

Develop a customer-focused involves the development of a comprehensive strategy, involving all the business culture where the customer is the cornerstone strategy.

A holistic view where all members of the organization working under a common perspective, focused on customer satisfaction.

This implementation of a customer-centric culture requires a process, global awareness and effort from all levels of the company. It is therefore necessary to establish intermediate milestones that advance with slow but sure step towards the ultimate goal.

The CMO Council study and SAP analyzes which features and actions by the company denote being on the right track, that the goal towards full customer satisfaction is close.

How can companies demonstrate concern for the customerThus, according to the study, carried out based on the opinions of 319 senior marketing executives, speed of response is a key factor, the first step to show that vocation of service (66%). A response that also needs to be effective and operative (49%). It is also important to maintain the same quality of treatment, provide the same customer experience regardless of the chosen by him, or situation (45%) channel.

Once the priorities known to start the path to full customer satisfaction, the study aims to find out what companies are doing about it.

Thus, we have found that less than half of these marketers (45%) believes that his company is seriously committed to aware and this philosophy. Interestingly, the percentage of these professionals who think their customers are really satisfied with the experience that the company brings to them is the same.

Consequently, only 1 in 4 companies have a clearly defined philosophy about customer service strategy. In addition, only 10% are actually satisfied with their company’s ability to listen to your customer and act in a timely manner.

Another important defect from this perspective is the lack of unity in the client’s vision. Only 1 in 5 companies is able to maintain the same experience across all touch points, while 1 in 4 is really able to have a complete and unique historical about the customer. For 90% of participants in the study, have this single customer view is essential to ensure a quality experience in every situation, in every situation.

The customer-focused culture still has not spread widely. Only 37% of respondents said that those responsible for other departments are seriously involved with this commitment.

The road to customer satisfaction is seen as tedious and difficult to draw. The first step is to have a general awareness by the organization, from here, to design a comprehensive strategy, according to the reality of the organization. It is not an easy goal to achieve, but not impossible, and yes much needed today.