God Save the King Does the customer?

CRM applications, Plan A good Social Media, Content Marketing, Web positioning strategies, analytics, SEO and etc …. And at the very end ……. The customer arrives, buy, but. … Having a good “experience”?

Focusing on sectors that are me better known, as are the financial and insurance, how many times has not occurred, that so many efforts and resources ready to capture and manage the client are lost through a bad experience, bad management , not to manage effectively, not only the positive experiences that the customer can have with our brand, but above all positive experiences.

A negative experience of a branded customer need not become a reason for abandonment, a source of satisfactions. Contrary, a bad experience detected in time and especially well-managed can become one of the biggest arguments for loyalty that client.

It has much to learn, and much to “understand” if a customer has a problem aftermarket is throwing us a message indirectly is inviting you to a solution that will offer it to you to earn your trust.

God Save the King Does the customer“How many lost at crucial times with the client opportunities”

In the financial sector sometimes has the “feeling” that the important thing is capture the customer, but although we can find thousands, hundreds of messages containing advertising in the sense of “YOU ARE IMPORTANT AS” day to day, we proves otherwise.

I particularly like to compare this type of relationship with the customer with a stage of “infatuation” ….

  • First stage of “mutual understanding”, explore the brand, seduces me with their products, with its promise of “personalized service”, you are important to me, I’ll treat you like you have not done the competition ….
  • Later this stage of knowledge leads to a “more formal relationship”, I know you, you know me, but we both have not come to show at all, you know the part most attractive brand, it has not had time to know the part less attractive.
  • There comes a day, a fateful day in which occurs the first “touch” the first problem , but is overcome, we still see in this relationship a “WIN – WIN” is good for both, with more and minuses, but it’s good.
  • And suddenly, the “pink” gradually becomes “gray”, the initial promises become “negotiable” I do not decide so long you who are a customer, because I need to other customers like you, my time should be managed and shared with other clients like you.On the other hand, the “supposedly loyal” customer also happens to attack, and start the “flirting” with other brands.

Finally, the relationship breaks the mark so far enjoyed the confidence and loyalty, is the overnight with other “guests” in the “customer’s mind” and no turning back. Or if any?

Perhaps it would have been better not to get to this point, investing a little less grand strategies and management tools, and really focus on who should be the focus of any organization … their clients. Any type of customer? No, of course, the main distinction that we can and must do is between …

  • Customers with a “value” and potential not only present but increasing in the future and therefore … will allow me also bring them “value” management with my clients to think of a win-win
  • And customers will never see this commercial relationship as a relationship in which “both must win”

So ….. Are there clients that are not worth investing time or effort?

Yes, of course, but we should first ask if the client may or may not have a future commercial development, and above all, we allow it? if so, it is our responsibility to get that future development

How can we get that business development in the future?

Analyzing many aspects that have marked their relationship with us to date, for example ….

  • What “solutions” or products consumed so far?
  • Why these particular products?
  • What “problems” we have solved?
  • How did you start that relationship of trust?
  • What “solutions / products” still consumed with other providers?Why?
  • Are there any future problems that will need advice on which no one helps you today?
  • What image as a professional brand has us?

We often much information known, and yet we should think more about the relationships we have with our customers, at least in a very simple perspective ….

  • What’s the problem?
  • What solution I bring them?
  • What are our brand not see it in others?

A concrete example in relation to the Insurance Mediation sector, often I see professionals in the industry with many years of practice and many years of relationship with a particular client, which could well contract with this professional “other” products in the financial field, which also you are going to provide more security, more performance, more security than the products themselves that the client in the environment of commercial banks, but this, no “change supplier” and continues with “their” Bank even without “his” confidence ….

Is feedback Insurance Ombudsman? Sending campaigns, sending commercial proposals, projects, etc ….. ¿result of these actions? Null…..

First you need to work your brand professionally, and analyze customer with another perspective, customer confidence work for an area in which the “mental” customer reference was NOT.

The customer will simply see a “commercial offer more” a lot more than …….

As a final summary will invite a little reflection, regardless of the productive sector to develop your professional work

Do you think the focus of your activity, your organization is really focused to develop and manage clients in an effective way? You think you know your customers “really”? If your answer is yes, you are lucky, you are someone who can scream ….. “God save the King, the customer ……”