Engagement is not just about coupons, deals and discounts

The heart of consumers is priceless, the fact that a customer accepts a timely offer, or use a coupon does not guarantee engagement with the brand. The new Rhyth NewMedia study indicates that such incentives are not the main reason why users follow the brands in Social Media.

The report, called Socia Media and Mobile Insights, reflects the data for the last quarter of 2012, and indicates that 51.9% of mobile users follow a Facebook brand motivated by some type of discount; While 55.9% did the same on Twitter. For its part, 60% of mobile users who follow a brand on Facebook, along with 57% of those who do on Twitter, are considered loyal followers to the brand, and show their support and loyalty.

Engagement is not just about coupons, deals and discountsThis makes us think that the activity of brands in social networks should not focus exclusively on the launch of promotions, discounts or various offers, but that companies have to worry about offering a true social experience, because they are accessible, offer a service to the Effective customer and provide quality content.

The Rhyth NewMedia study also indicates that mobile users are especially active on social networks:

  • 74% of Facebook members access this platform several times a day with their mobile device.
  • 2 out of 3 mobile users check their Twitter profile on several occasions during the day.
  • In both cases, the mobile is the device through which more activity is recorded.
  • Most mobile social networking users follow a brand, store, product or program in Social Media, whether on Facebook (68%) or Twitter (56%).

Consumers demand better customer service on social networks

According to a recent survey by the company Aspect, two-thirds of the respondents admitted to being frustrated by having to turn to several people and several times to resolve a query. 42% prefer that companies use social networks to offer good customer service than for product promotion. Of the people who have turned to social networks for help, only 7% think that these channels are the ones that offer a faster resolution and better customer experience.

Users definitely follow the brands that offer them something interesting, and know how to keep them by their side, showing them close and offering them information and quality content, a more human and personalized attention and treatment. A promotion can serve as a hook to attract and attract them initially, but the brand must maintain interest and encourage engagement with other types of actions.