Engagement: 7 Keys to get our audience to like it more

In our eagerness to bring the world of the use of Social Networks in a simple and colloquial way, today we are going to explain how to get more “engagement”.

The first thing is to ask ourselves the question: Why is it so important to get more “like” to our audience? The answer is very simple, the number of followers or fans is not as important as the number of interactions (I like it, comments , share) that we provoke in them.

Engagement 7 Keys to get our audience to like it moreMistakenly when we measure the success or not of a company or brand in Social Networks, we only look at the number of friends, fans or followers but what really makes this promotion channel different for companies or brands is knowing what they think about it your consumers / followers.

The theory is very good, but how that greater interaction is achieved:

  1. Study : (Know the tool) [Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest …] A post is much more seen depending on whether it contains photos, videos, links,? even depending on the schedule.
  2. Approach : (to your follower) Behind a brand there is always a person “humanize to bring and provoke feelings”.
  3. Transports : Get through a post to take your audience to a moment or a daily / special situation experienced some time ago.
  4. Risk : Deal with a very current or very controversial topic. (This for some brands / companies is delicate and even taboo but very effective).
  5. Be consistent : We can not forget that trust takes time to win, we have many passive readers about to make their first “click” or comment in one of our posts, do not falter.
  6. Be honest : In social networks it is very easy to “get caught” and almost impossible to erase the traces of a mistake, so try to be honest and if you make a mistake, recognize it without blushing.
  7. Be original : It is not always possible, but try to bring something new, even if you are sharing someone’s content, your followers are interested in your opinion.