Email is still powerful as a marketing tool

The e-mailing has a lot of life ahead, in case anyone doubted it, the new study of The Social Habit confirms it again. In the last edition of this study, which involved 3000 users of social networks resident in the United States, over 12 years. These respondents were asked if they routinely read the emails they received from companies, of which 2 out of 3 gave an affirmative answer.

Email is still powerful as a marketing toolWhat motivates users to read corporate e-mails?

70% of the users stated that they open the messages that arrive from the brands waiting for them to offer an interesting offer, or discount coupons.The economic incentive works, the users demand it and welcome it willingly. All that being said, mailing is one of the most effective ways to get a customer to repeat the buying process.

Half of the users want to be aware of the news of the company, while 41% expect to be informed about news and trends in the sector. Customers want to know more about the latest products that have come to market. At the time of registration, they do it on their own initiative, show their interest in the brand, and hope that the information it offers them is useful and interesting.

Another relevant percentage of users also especially appreciates the advice of use of the products that has acquired, as well as all type of relevant information, although not necessarily related with the mark; such as articles on related sectors or content of humor and entertainment.

The mail also highlights as one of the main tools of customer service and to foster a positive attitude towards the brand. 27% of users open the mails of the company because they like the brand, feel some connection with it; while 23% use this mode of communication to contact the company directly.

Communication via e-mail is definitely more relevant than ever. The technological advances have propitiated the optimization of the shipments and a greater segmentation; which has allowed a substantial improvement in the effectiveness of the message, on the one hand users receive the information they have actually demanded, and on the other, companies see a greater response to their campaigns. Do you carry out e-mailing campaigns? What kind of content do you offer your users? What is your answer